I am Vamsee Krishna Kalangi, a self-taught passionate designer from India. Currently residing in Canada. In the first 7 years of my design career, I have grown from the role of a graphic designer to senior product designer by constantly learning, experiencing and improving my skills. Currently, I am a Design Mentor, mentoring 40+ designers based in 4 different timezones, Community Manager for a non-profit organization with 3000+ designers spread across the world and a Certified Design Sprint Facilitator

In my previous organization, I was responsible for designing web, mobile-based digital products, games, complex simulations, managing a team of great designers and overlooking their work. I have worked on different projects and for different teams. I have been recognized for leading multiple initiatives, introducing and implementing new techniques to solve big design challenges. I am especially known for my communication skills, creative thinking abilities and solving complex problems. My duties include, design strategy, design sprints, user research, concept design to product design, connect and meet the clients, mentor and motivate my team members. I believe that a designer achieves great results when he/she designs with passion. To understand if my team was passionate about the work they are doing, I conducted one-on-one meetings with each of them, started mentoring to improve their skills and make them love the work they are doing. For me, Mentoring or Managing a team is bidirectional learning. With my positive attitude and the ability to apply different leadership styles, I was able to manage my team members with ease.

My core belief is that behind every successful product, research is the key. If research is done properly, then the rest of the design process will be easy delivering innovative and impactful solutions. 


In my free time, I love to travel, read books, watch movies, mentor designers, help my mom post her cooking recipes on youtube. I get easily adjusted to different cultures. The reason behind - I have grown up in 5 different states in India.



Are you looking out for a design mentor?

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What people say!

“ Vamsee and I worked for 6 years, he is very professional with the work. He is someone who can come up with UX and UI designs for any kind of application. Often he has a big list of questions for the product owner and he isn't satisfied until he has enough details to start with the designs. Apart from work, he is a fun person to hangout. ” 

—  Engineering Manager at Knolskape  —

Other Works

Apart from UI/UX, I have also worked on illustrations, 3D Designs, 2D Game Design​, miniature art and robot design. Below are the examples, I have created in my first attempt:​​


This illustration was created using Adobe Animate. 

Time taken to create - 2 hrs

3D Design

This is a railway tunnel created using Blender. 

Time taken to create - 240 hrs

2D Game Design

This game for created for a client as an experimental project. Created using Stencyl.

Time taken to create - 40 hrs

Chalk Carving

These chalk carvings were created 15 years ago. 

Time taken to create - 5 hrs

Robo War

Myself along with a couple of my college friends built a robot and participated in Robowars competition conducted by Nuva college and won 1st prize among 15 participants. Hydraulics was used as a weapon and nitrogen gas to create pressure in it.

Time taken to built - 480 hrs